S.E. Libby & Co.
Custom Leatherwork

S.E. Libby & Co. started in 2015 as an outlet for my adventures in reproducing various items of 19th century material culture. Over time I began to focus more on leatherwork and began selling items through Etsy and Facebook gradually building to the current web store. Custom Orders were the basis of this business in the beginning and are still available. Contact us with your project. If there is something made from leather and you don't see it on the site, don't hesitate to ask, it can probably be made.

The goal at S.E. Libby and Co. is to reproduce leather items from the mid 19th century as accurately as possible using 19th century tools and techniques. Items are based on originals in my personal collection, private collections, museums, research publications and patent drawings. One of my favorite aspects of this business is the research involved in getting something right. Items only make it to production if I am satisfied that it will accurately represent an original period item.

Thanks for looking and I look forward to working with you.

Scott Sheets