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1855 Cap Pouch 1855 Cap Pouch

US Pattern 1855 Cap Pouch.

Our Price: $75.00
US p1850 Cap Pouch US p1850 Cap Pouch

Federal pattern of 1850 Cap Pouch.

Our Price: $75.00
CS Shield Front Cap Pouch CS Shield Front Cap Pouch

CS Shield Front style cap pouch.  choose lead or brass.

Our Price: $75.00
CS Cap Pouch CS Cap Pouch

Standard CS Made cap pouch featuring a one piece belt loop and either a wood or lead finial.

Our Price: $75.00
Western CS Cap Pouch Western CS Cap Pouch

This cap pouch is a direct copy of an original CS cap pouch in our own collection.  The original came out of a Western CS collection, likely Mississippi origins.  This pouch features an asymmetrical body and flap, non molded body, waxed flesh inner flap and a brass finial.  This is a great example of the hand cut rushed but service accoutrements so often seen in original Confederate collections.

Our Price: $75.00